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Is in-home care right for you?

Tristar Home Care can help make your home a safe and loving environment. Our caregivers are here to assist your family in keeping your loved one where they are most comfortable while helping with daily tasks and simply being a companion. Whether you want a permanent companion or need respite care, we have a solution that can work with your schedule.

Let us help you maintain a happy home life for both you and your loved one. Call us to set up a consultation and let us answer all the questions you have regarding your home care companion.

Aging seniors can struggle with the simplest tasks every day. If you notice any small changes in how your loved one is managing their day, it could be they need a little help. Most seniors can get along just fine on their own but may require some assistance.


10 Signs Your Loved One May Need A Caregiver

A Tristar Caregiver is trained to help when needed letting your loved one keep their independence and self-worth. It’s a proven fact that seniors spending hours alone every day can develop more health issues reducing their quality of life. A quality caregiver can provide assistance and companionship keeping seniors mentally sharp and healthy.

Below is a list of indicators you and family members can use to assess a loved one’s condition, identifying potential areas of concern can indicate that a loved one needs assistance:

  1. Medical Condition. A recently diagnose disease, illness or injury could affect your loved one’s ability to function on a daily basis.
  2. Driving. If your loved one’s vision, hearing and/or reflexes are impaired, this may increase their risk for being involved in a car accident.
  3. Food/Nutrition. Take note of your loved one’s diet to ensure they are eating well-balanced meals and maintaining a steady weight. Is the food in the refrigerator within its expiration dates?
  4. Hygiene. Take note of your loved one’s overall appearance, smell and ability to wear suitable clothing for the weather. Are the bed linens, bath towels and laundry clean?
  5. Behavior. Is your loved one anxious, irritable or depressed? Do they have difficulty remembering names, places and current events?
  6. Daily Tasks. Are basic tasks, such as going grocery shopping and preparing meals, becoming overly challenging or time-consuming for your loved one?
  7. Medication. Is your loved one able to manage his or her medications properly including dosage, frequency and changes to prescriptions? Are prescriptions being refilled in a timely fashion?
  8. Finances. Is your loved one able to manage his or her personal finances, pay bills and balance the checkbook?
  9. Mail. Is the mail stacking up? Do you see past due or delinquency notices?
  10. Safety. Does your loved one remember to turn off appliances and extinguish candles or cigarettes?
If you are beginning to have concerns with your loved one’s quality of life, it may be time to start taking a more active role. Begin with sharing your concerns, and let them know that your priority is always their safety, well-being, and comfort.
There are many options when it comes to home care services that assist with caring for the elderly, so be sure to take the time and really explore. Tristar Home Care can customize a plan for your loved one that will meet their specific needs, whether it’s daily living care or help with activities for only a few days out of the week. Our home care agency can meet all of your needs along with holding the highest state standards for our caregivers with thorough training. You can rest easy knowing that we will be the right choice for your aging loved ones.

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