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Common Dilemma and Plight of Home Care Providers

by Feb 10, 2020TristarHC

Just like teachers and nurses, home care service providers and aids have initially the most stressful jobs considering the safety, lives and welfare of clienteles. And it is no joke to have that Herculean responsibility over these things because you have to be well aware, adept and practice not only theories but also a know-how in acting on and performing the exigencies of one’s work with compliance with the laws that bind one to legal charges that knock on wood hopefully would not incriminate you if all things fail.


Having these in mind, a home care service provider and his agency would have to hurdle so many issues too with regards to its operations but in most cases, there are three commonplace dilemma – Price, Standards of Care and Maintaining Credibility midst the balancing act of maintaining the business entity, patient and client satisfaction and of course cutting down employee turnover as well as addressing their needs so as they could provide the best service.


On the average, the hourly cost of the services of an individual home health aide in California is $25/Hour; that is total to about $1,000 per week, $4,000 a month, and $48,000 a year; and comparing to a worker in California with a rank and file post makes an hourly wage of $21.50 an hour, which is $3.50 lower than an average hourly charge of a Homecare aid. With the rising inflation rate and the soaring prices of commodities not mentioning rent or amortization for housing or acquired vehicle Home Care Services are at times skipped on the usual budget of the family monthly.


They would scrimp on what is left of the household income because there is no source for passive income as well. So instead of availing home care services for the elderly members of the family they would just rely on referred house helps without minding the criminal background of a prospect, or be discriminating of his abilities, specialization and training or worse if he is emotionally, psychologically, and physically sound. What is thought to be an economic gain may fall short in so many ways; the logic would be like this, as if you bought a secondhand car you were thinking that it is practical. But think again, when problems arise like a faulty carburetor, leaking gas tank, a gunky fleece infested interior, a broken side mirror and an illegally acquired transfer document comes your way would it not be costly too? So why settle for less? It may be a bit of a pinch on your budget but you are investing and paying forward the kindness that once given to you by your elders a well as gaining something from it too that when you are in your work station you never have to worry about a thing.

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