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Senior Independence

Keeping Their Independence

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As we age, it’s easy to feel a sense of loss when it comes to our independence. Seniors often don’t live the same life they did when they were younger. That is why home care focuses on keeping your senior feeling independent in their own home which will lead to a higher quality of life. Research shows that keeping your senior loved one engaged in physical and mental activities leads to better health and higher cognitive function. It’s important that you remain patient throughout the entire process. Most daily tasks can actually be done by your senior loved one, and they probably want to accomplish them. It may just take a little extra time and work, but allowing your senior loved one to these tasks on their own is vital to their happiness.


Let Your Senior Accomplish Tasks on Their Own

It’s easy for a senior loved one to be waited on. Many adults will do things for them instead of with them. Home care professionals, like those at Tristar Home Care, can encourage your senior loved one to remain independent with their own daily tasks. This keeps both mind and body sharp. Sometimes it’s not about what the caregiver does, but what they don’t do. Taking the time to allow your senior loved one to accomplish a task will boost their confidence and self-esteem. Remember that emotional well-being can be just as important as physical well-being.


Physical and Mental Health

 Physical activity is an important part of independence. Physical Activity and exercise offers many health benefits, and it will keep your senior happy which is vital for a healthy lifestyle. This will also ensure that they are physically independent for longer compared to seniors who live a more sedentary lifestyle. There are tools that can help seniors accomplish every day tasks such as grabbers, handrails, walkers, canes, buttoning aids, alarm clocks, and wearable medical alerts. These will ensure that your senior loved one can still do the small things without any extra assistance.


Independence Leads to Happiness 

 Seniors wish to remain independent, and it’s important that you try and respect their dignity by striving for it. In doing so, you’ll notice your loved ones being more appreciative of their happiness and healthiness. Start the conversation with them early and respect their wishes to remain comfortable in their own home. Let them know that sometimes a little help goes a long way.

At Tristar Home Care, we want to take the time to help your senior loved one live a happy and healthy life. We understand their need for independence and desire to remain in their home where they are comfortable, but we also know that sometimes there is a need for some extra help. That’s where our wide range of services come in. Our senior home care professionals can help your senior loved one with daily tasks ranging from meal prep and dressing to medication management, transportation, or even just socialization – all while striving to preserve their independence.


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