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Medication Reminders & Management

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Senior Medication Management

Many seniors are on medications, sometimes more than one. It can be important to stay on top of taking these medications on a daily basis to maintain their health, but sometimes seniors may experience challenges with memory and management which can lead to potential dangers. This is why it is often beneficial to have help when it comes to medication reminders so that you can rest easy knowing your senior loved one is staying on top of their medication needs.

Factors that are included with medication management is:

  • Keeping an inventory
  • Maintaining a proper schedule
  • Reporting issues or side effects to family and medical personnel
  • Distributing medications on time
  • Tracking proper dosages


Studies show that seniors over the age of 65 use medication more than any other age group and they are also the highest at risk for hospitalization for mishaps with medication management.


Dangerous Interactions

This is one of the biggest concerns for seniors who are on medications. It is important that your loved one’s physician is aware of all medications they are on, including vitamins and herbal remedies, to avoid potentially dangerous interactions. There is also the potential for interactions with certain foods.


Side Effects

Sometimes side effects are subtle, and sometimes they can be dangerous. Caregivers can be a good idea to keep an eye on your senior loved one to reduce the chance of injury or illness when it comes to dangerous side effects.


Skipping or Doubling Doses

This is one of the biggest issues when it comes to seniors on medication. It can be very dangerous to skip a dose that is vital to their health, and even more dangerous to take a double dose because of memory loss.


Misreading Labels

Each medication has different directions for use. You don’t want your loved one to accidentally misread a label and take a wrong dose, or follow the wrong directions. This can lead to potentially dire consequences.


Here are some tips for how you can help with senior medication management:

  1. Use pillboxes that are clearly marked with the days of the week or am / pm times. This reduces the chance of skipping or doubling up on a dose and will also let you or your loved one know if a medication has been taken already.
  2. Use an alarm reminder for medications. This will remind your senior when it’s time for their medication without them having to remember themselves. You can use a stand-alone alarm clock, a watch, or even set one on the senior’s phone.
  3. Try a medication dispenser. These can hold up to 2 weeks of medication at a time and remain locked until it is time for the dose, and then automatically dispenses the medication with an alarm. This eliminates the possibility of overdosing or taking more medication than is prescribed. Some dispensers can even be hooked up to your phone number to give you a call if the senior missed the dose.
  4. Utilize in-home care so that your senior loved one can be monitored with taking their medications at the proper times and at the proper dosage. Home care professionals can report back to you and keep your mind at ease.


It may be difficult for you to be around your loved one all the time to manage their medications. Tristar Home Care offers professional services to aide you and your senior loved one with in-home care and medication management. We don’t want you to worry about their well-being. Our caregivers can help keep your senior loved one safe from potentially dangerous medication mishaps along with our long list of caregiving services.

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