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Tristar Home Care provides complete companion care for the communities of Camarillo,
Oxnard, Ventura, and Thousand Oaks, CA. Companion Care

Companion Care is the perfect solution for adults or those with disabilities who need emotional support and socialization. Companion Care is a non-medical service that is home-based and offers elderly assistance with a variety of tasks, including:

  • Light housekeeping and household chores
  • Running weekly or daily errands
  • Maintaining a schedule that includes both appointments and social engagements
  • Transportation to planned activities or appointments
  • Preparing meals
  • Socialization
  • Entertainment, such as playing games or watching a movie
  • Open communication with the family of the adult

We only provide the best and most qualified in senior care. Our Companion
Care program provides comfort, safety, and companionship which helps both the senior and
their family.


Companion Care makes life manageable

We are dedicated to making your life, and the life of your senior family member, better. Our services offer a reprieve from loneliness or isolation if your older adult lives on their own. Companions help older adults to stay engaged and active in the community by taking them to events, activities, and appointments.

In addition, a companion helps take the stress off seniors or those with disabilities by taking over everyday tasks that have become a struggle. Light housekeeping tasks alleviate a burden from seniors and enable them to have a greater quality of life in their late years.


Is your loved one ready for Companion Care?

Tristar Home Care can help determine if companion care is right for your family member!
As we age, many things happen to both our mobile and cognitive abilities. Whether your family member has a disability or they have slowly declined with the onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia, companion care could be the solution you never knew you needed.


Companion Care is there when you can’t be.

Most people have full-time jobs, other obligations, or simply are too far away. Tristar Home Care utilizes companion care to put your mind at ease. Someone will be around to help your senior loved one with their day-to-day tasks as well as driving to and from appointments.


Companion Care is socialization at its finest

We make sure our Companion Care experts offer the best in socializing based on each individual they work with. Knowing your loved one’s favorite games, movies, and hobbies is crucial to forming a bond between the companion and the senior. Your loved one will benefit greatly from regular visits from their companion.


Companion Care helps retain independence

Independence is something most people take for granted and older adults do not want to give that up easily. With companion Care from Tristar Home Care, your family member is not forced to give up their independence. They can remain comfortably in their home and age-in-place
while enjoying all the usual amenities of their life.

Let us handle the daily needs of your loved one in a personalized way.
At Tristar Home Care, our goal is to help make the atmosphere for your elderly family member as normal and comfortable as possible. With combined social interaction and assistance, our
Companion Care program goes above and beyond to offer friendship, conversation, and dedication.

If you feel our companion care program meets all the demands for your loved one, give us a call

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