Spearheading the dedicated team must be a leader that has exuberance, zest for life and authenticity could be found in the person of Nico Abad Santos. More than prescriptions and pain killers, human touch and genuine interaction with resident clients are the potent panacea to the ailing body and that is the dictum of Nico.

He started out just like any one else – a novice rank and file: This California and Nevada Board Certified Nurse carved out a promising career in health care by working in skilled nursing facilities and rehabilitation centers in Ventura County. Then later tried his hands and challenged himself to go further in the field of Nephrology, specifically outpatient dialysis. 

With routine work and interaction with elderly individuals and those with specific needs – persons who are differently able patients Nico observed on a day in day out basis the inopportune reality that there is something wanting. Family members and friends often miss out on visiting the patients, and so it was an AHA moment for him that why not integrate a holistic approach in the provision of medical services. He braved the odds and took an ounce of courage and later joined his family with their home care business venture whilst Tristar Home Care Services. He is aptly an astute addition to Tristar Home Care Service – family owned company headed by registered head nurses that has been making the rounds for a whopping twenty years. 

He thought that the body could recuperate but the heart, the mind and the souls also needs that good old TLC; companionship, follow ups, a listening ear, and sincere human extension are kingpin to achieve a well-rounded service are the things the clients and patients dearly deserve.

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