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At Tristar Home Care our mission is to provide reliable, supportive in-home care that helps you live a brighter, safer, and more enjoyable life. You’re more than just a number – our caregivers take a personalized approach to care that is tailored to your specific needs

Tristar Home Care is made possible by its dedicated team and spearheaded by the efforts of Nico Abad Santos. Nico is a leader with zest, exuberance, and the authenticity needed to run a facility that brings experience and care to both its team members and patients. He brings a combination of human touch and genuine interaction which is more than any prescriptions or pain killers could ever offer a patient.

Before Tristar Home Care, Nico began his career from the ground up as a California and Nevada Board Certified Nurse by working in skilled nursing facilities and rehabilitation centers across Ventura county. He took his career in Nephrology seriously and challenged himself to go further in the field, specifically with outpatient dialysis. Throughout his daily interaction and work with elderly patients and special needs patients, Nico observed the lack of comfort and companionship in the field. Family members and friends often miss out on visiting the patients, which brought Nico to his AHA moment—why not integrate a holistic approach into the provision of medical services?

Nico braved the odds, bolstered up his courage, and joined his family in their home care business venture at Tristar Home Care. He is a choice addition to the business, a family-owned company headed by registered nurses that have been making rounds for at least twenty years.

Nico’s vision is centered on whole-body healing. He believes that the body could recuperate with medical attention, but that the mind and soul need a good dose of TLC. Through companionship, follow-ups, a listening ear, and sincere human extension, Nico has formed a well-rounded service that clients and patients deeply deserve.


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