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“The owner and his family are great people to work with. We had a few “hiccups” during the care of my brother. On the first occasion, I called Nico and told him what was going on. He immediately went to my house and dealt with the situation. The employees were kind, thoughtful people. Even though we experienced some problems, I will use this service again.”
“Tristar Home Care is family operated and owned by Registered Nurses. What more can one ask for when searching for the best care? The owners are fun, energetic, warm and so truly kind. They go the extra mile to ensure families are happy and needs are met. I can’t point out enough that this type of quality is difficult to find. Believe me, don’t hesitate, just make the call!”

“First of all, I would like to thanks TriStar HomeCare Services. When I needed to call someone I have to pick and choose..which HomeCare I needed for my father’s need. I pick TriStar..immediately came to my attention. Also send caregiver was tentative to my father. Personal hygiene.. light housekeeping and also laundry – assisted in meds. I recommend TriStar to my friends out there..”


“Tristar Home Care is one of the best. The owner is a leader and very much friendly and can relate to others. Marissa and her family is strong with an excellent compassion and motivation. They are the most dedicated family with great services.”
“Meriza and her family are truly loving, dedicated and experienced in caring for others. They have a true passion to care for those in need, and will definitely make a difference in the lives of those who use their services.”
“Tristar Home Care in essence a combination of multi facet talent, skills and knowledge. A family owned and run home care they treat you like family with professional and respect. What more can anyone family member would asked for ? With Tristar, you will have better peace of mind !!!”
“Outstanding patient centered care that you can depend on 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I’ve left my loved one in the care of Tristar home care and I have 100% peace of mind and security that her needs will be met. I without a doubt recommend Tristar Home Care. Nico communicates with me personally for all my questions and concerns and extends his arm like a family member. If you want quality care that eases your peace of mind then you need to make the best decision choose Tristar!”

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