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Many are skeptical about hiring home care services especially when the family is in a state where the funds are getting low even to suffice for the basic needs. More so, prospective clients who are already in the senior years find it quite a hard pill to swallow that their current reality is that they could not perform their usual routine with ease. Often, the thought of acquiring home care services are being shunned away.

East Vs. West

Although westerners are not as sentimental as their counterparts say in Asia where due respect and invaluable service to aging parents and relatives are part of the cultural and familial orientation, the former still consider the welfare, dignity, and emotions of the elderly family member.

Truth hurts

Nobody elects illnesses or dementia to befall on them. No one even wants to be in a situation where one would feel inadequate; whereas during the prime years an individual feel unstoppable or even invincible to take on any mundane task or the rigors of work-life balance. But with the bills setting in each month, and the demands of provisioning the needs of other family members, it is a given that one must consider the option of hiring home care services.

Depending on one’s perspective, it may sound off to others if they are accustomed or obliged to pay forward the kindness given to them by their elderly kin. However, to those who are adaptable to changing times and seeks a win-win situation for all parties involved, they may consider giving home care services a try.

What are the advantages of hiring home care services?

Everything has their pros and cons; looking at the lighter side of things home care services could have a positive ripple to the son or daughter who’s deciding to acquiesce such services and even to their loved ones.

  • The family members who are taking on a full time career or job could have more time to look for other means or jobs for the continuous inflow of money and passive income, that is, without ever being anxious about an elderly aunt, uncle or parent being left at home with no companion;
  • Everyone could still be productive and go about the daily travails of family life and work demands without being distracted or frazzled by having to constantly attend to the elderly family member or make phone calls especially when they are residing in another state;
  • The specific needs of the elderly are being addressed constantly and immediately – say they are always peeing in their trousers or undergarments due to incontinence there is a reliable aid to help them wash and get rid off  of the mess;
  • However, limited the activities of the elderly, there are still few freedoms and sense of independence they can maintain through the guidance of a caregiver. Say simply folding the laundered clothes that they usually do when they were younger or knit little pieces of children’s bonnets and mittens;
  • A caregiver or aid would somehow be able to drive them to their happy place or favorite nook other than routine visits to the doctor’s clinic. And the void within them suddenly takes a back seat and somehow, they get to keep a sunny disposition amidst their underlying health condition;
  • The quality of their lives and health improves all together – though food may taste bland, and they must get used to being bathed by another person, be required to take medicines at the very least there would be somebody to get things done for them or remind them of what they need to do hourly, daily;
  • Old age isolates the elderly member of the family from the rest of the world and alienates them from who they used to be when they still have their vitality. A compassionate buddy, a ready shoulder and a listening ear are very much welcome to amuse them and rid them off the burden old age; and
  • It is menacing to be dragged by loneliness and overwhelmed by depression and in these cases compassion, tact and genuine concern must be given to the client. Family members and the caregiver could assume and partake in the role of becoming one of the go to and support group of the elderly relative.

Gift to your loved ones.

Do you remember Patch Adams? A role played by the late Robin Williams where he let the ailing elderly woman literally dive into an inflatable pool filled with spaghetti and meatballs? Joy radiated from the old lady amidst that in the latter years of her life she has had an unexpected gift from someone who sees her daily struggles. What about you? It is your call to make up your mind and think things through.

Gift to yourself.

Choosing to avail home care services for your mother, father or even a relative may not be as epic or melodramatic as that. The mere fact that you have heard and witnessed the sufferings of your loved ones and acted upon it is already the greatest present you could ever give to them.

Elderly people in the society and in our very abode needs us more than ever; it is not about reaping from good acts, but the bottom line is, doing this for them is actually filling up all the more their love cups. In fact, with or without a caregiver, to make the remaining years of their lives more meaningful is a pivotal and humane act towards our loved ones.

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